motivation for monday

i love the internet!  typically i open 6 tabs in safari: gmail, google reader (for my daily blog fix), facebook, ravelry (seaching for new partterns), outlook, & pinterest!  it is my new obsession.  once you establish an account, you can create pin boards that will allow you to pin an inspiring photo...it could be a recipe, a craft tutorial, an organizational idea.  the photo will allow you to link to the original post.  think of it as a visual bookmarking system!  additionally, you can follow others as well as search for topics of interest!

are you pinning?  no, well take a moment to look at my page...tammy's pins.  want to join me on pinterest?  message me with you email address & i will send you an invite.

motivating me...

Source: curbly.com via tammy on Pinterest

Source: google.com via tammy on Pinterest

stay tuned...some of these may appear on my 45 before 45 list!



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