About Me

25 random facts about me…
·     i was born and raised in a small southern city…i still live there!
·     i married my high school sweetheart…we have been together for more than half of my life!
·     i have two children
·     a former house #, 1137…current house #, 1317
·     i love to read
·     literacy instruction is my favorite part of the instructional day
·     summer is my favorite season
·     green is my favorite color
·     i drive a green vw
·     i had a 10 lb fibroid tumor
·     mountain dew is my favorite drink
·     costumed characters frighten me
·     thirteen is my favorite number
·     i love mac computers
·     i don’t like to talk on the phone
·     i may suffer from a mild case of ocd… alphabetically speaking, cdo!
·     i love bags
·     and sharpies
·     chocolate…it is a food group, right?
·     i love to make things…knit, crochet, sew
·     my aunt taught me to crochet when i was 8
·     i taught myself to knit when i was much older than 8
·     i am quiet
·     i am sarcastic
·     i am learning to love cooking...and i am not being sarcastic!