igoogle...do you?

some things that you must know about me...

  • i like organization
  • i am a perfectionist
  • some people think i am mildly ocd...(cdo...if we are really putting things in order!)
i tell you this to explain my problem with keeping a calendar.  each school year i purchase a new calendar.  in the past two years i have even splurged on vera bradley agendas.  the problem...once i have added dates to my calendar (color-coded, of course!), some dates will inevitably change.  my perfect agenda is then marred!

i also like lists & have tried several methods of keeping a to-do list.  strategies have included:
  • developing & printing a list in word....but you know...there will be additions once printed, argh!
  • keeping a running list on a note pad
  • using post-it notes
recently i have been exploring all of the tools available through google.  i am very excited about igoogle!  it is a completely customizable desk top with lots of gadgets available for free!  

here is a shot of my current desk top:

i have included...
  • a to do list
  • sticky notes
  • quote of the day
  • date & time
  • calculator
  • martha stewart
  • gmail
  • weather conditions
the to-do list is great!  you can have multiple lists &, once a task is completed, you can strike-through it!  didn't complete a task from your to-do list?  you can return to the list through the use of a pull-down menu.  so far, i have three lists...
  • thursday, aug 11...still working on tasks from this list!
  • friday, aug 12...complete!
  • supply requests received...ready for next week...
i have also started using google calendar.  it is linked to my blackberry so that i get reminders about upcoming events.  i hope these tools will help me be a little more organized, a little more efficient at my job this school year!

happy organizing!


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